French Riviera

Three things you should know before heading to the south of France,

  1. 50 shades of blue with the most beautiful beaches and clearest water I’ve seen in years.
  2. A foodies heaven and cheap as chips bottles of wine.
  3. Best place to meet up with your number one tinder bae you met in South Africa two years ago!

Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Juan-Les-Pins were by far the best spur of the moment trip I have decided to make in my 10 months of living in London! The beaches were stunning, the weather picture perfect, the life long dream of trying escargots in France, mouthwatering and the company, well without sounding like a whipped basic bitch, that was the cherry on top!

Flying into Nice was one of the most scenic flights I’ve taken. Flying over the crystal clear waters of the French Riviera and landing pretty much right on the beach was exactly what was needed to escape the London “summer”. The average 27 degree days and the sunshine until 9.45pm every night made everyday a perfect recipe for adventure.

Antibes is what you imagine the equivalent of French Paradise to be. Being in the middle of Nice and Cannes many people often overlook this small city unless you own a yacht and/or looking to work on a super yacht. The old town was picturesque and very French but with enough restaurants that you were always spoilt for choice. The beaches were stunning with crystal clear water and the prices of living, for being in the south of France were reasonable. We were able to pick up a cute little one bedroom apartment with two swimming pools (that we never found?) for only £30 a night! Antibes is where many French artists drew inspiration from for their pictures and you can tell why! It’s a perfect mixture of new and old and certainly stole a bit of my heart!

A 20 minute or 1 and a half hour walk depending on how lost you get, from the centre of Antibes is its richer sister Juan-Les-Pins. This place is known for its nightlife, shopping and for charging people €15 to sit on a deck chair at the beach! That’s 4 bottles of wine from the grocery shop so that was a no from us but we did manage to find a free beach with the hottest sand and warmest water I have ever swum in!

I was always aware that there is a lot of money floating around this part of the world but I didn’t really understand how much money there really was until I got off the train in Cannes and realised there was a big reason why so many celebrities decide to dock there super yachts here! From the place where the Cannes Film Festival is held to the old town and many look outs all over the city it smelt of the rich and famous. This city has a different feel every alley you turn down. From small town bakeries with the best baguettes to Louis Vuitton and designer shops a road away. It looked like a place where you come to throw your money around but my €15 did get me a great feed and even some cheeky wine…but I doubt Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio do Cannes like we did!

Nice was nearly overlooked and was just planning on being a stopover but i’m glad we didn’t stick to that because my good golly gosh, Nice is NICE! The weather was super windy and could blow you over in a heartbeat but according to our waiter at an all you can eat pizza joint for €6 this is the best time to visit as the water goes an intense shade of blue! The buildings were everything you read about in books and see on the internet for pictures of Europe, but something about seeing them in person and being able to experience it, every time it takes my breath away!

Everyone always tells me that the French are rude and arrogant. I can confirm, that for me I didn’t think this at all! French Riviera, you were the best adventure I was never searching for but so glad I got to live. You were 50 shades of blue, a foodies heaven, wine and cheese to die for and the most perfect place to spend time with my best and favourite Saffa man! I’ll 112% be back to France!

Photo – @njohnston (instagram)19623113_1390869147664910_901186165648916480_n



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