The best is yet to come!

“The first step always seems to be the scariest”. This could not be 100% more accurate. But in saying this, without taking that first step some people may not have found the love of their life, found out what their favourite food was and I would still be living in a small city where EVERYONE knows what the other person had for breakfast that day, dinner last night and lunch three months ago! Canberra is great don’t get me wrong, but being able to get out of Canberra is even better!

From the moment I first got off an airplane and stepped into a different country I knew that I wouldn’t be looking back anytime soon. From Asia to the Pacific Islands. New Zealand to Africa and then onto Europe. The travel bug BIT!

Everyone always wants to be that guy and share their experiences but are far too afraid of the one or two followers they may lose if they post too much. Well I can happily say that you can read this and maybe even become inspired, or shut it down and never look back. The choice is yours just like its my choice to get out there and be able to look back on my life and say not only did I experience things the way I wanted (sometimes not wanting) to and say that I lived life to the fullest without one single regret!

From Bruce Stadium to Berlin, London to Lagos, Salzburg to Sydney and Bratislava to Burano I’ll be annoying you all, or the none of you and writing about my journeys that I’ll be having over the next chapter or ten of my life. Really it’s a good way so that in 48 and a half years from now when my brain is fried from all the horrible (good or bad, either or) life decisions I’ve made I can look back on this and remember them all!

Let the galavanting commence!!! xoxox





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